digital sounds

DJ 'Doc' Scott

Music has always been my first love, and running Digital Sounds has been a labor of love for me.  So much music, so little time! In high school I began playing bass guitar in a rock band and in college picked up the guitar and discovered the unplugged thing before it became the rage that it is today.  Several night clubs and coffeehouses later, I received my doctorate in Optometry and now practice full time in O'Fallon, Missouri.   My music career took a back seat to developing my optometric practice and I traded in the live music for a DJ business in the mid-80's.  Digital Sounds was born as a DJ service run out of my basement.   My addiction to buying CD's, an occupational necessity for DJ's trying to stay current,  led me to develop a retail used CD business in the 90's and Digital Sounds Used CD's & Video Games was opened in St. Peters, MO.   Our store provided a front for promoting the DJ business and rapidly become a favorite stop for the used CD shoppers and video gamers in the area.  As the 90's came to a close, I decided to close the retail business and concentrated exclusively on providing DJ and live music services.    

I re-entered the live music scene back in 1999 by teaming up with fellow musician Mark Kaylor to form Kaylor & Tomasino.   We signed on with a booking agent last year and we are now playing at many top St. Louis area night spots.    Check out the link to our live music area from the main page for our performance calendar and more information.   With my experience as a musician, DJ, and music retailer, I offer a depth of knowledge beyond that found in many mobile DJ's.   My trademark style is a tasteful and professional presentation with a thorough enjoyment of the music.   My clients find me to be flexible and accommodating and have never been disappointed.  We continue to offer the best entertainment value in our market.