Blended Presentation - Live Music & DJ


In the 70's and early 80's, entertainment at weddings and parties was primarily provided by live musicians.  In the mid-80's, DJ services became the predominant providers of music entertainment and remain a popular choice today.     There has been renewed interest in live music over the past few years and we are starting to get more requests for live music services.   

As DJ's and musicians, we've seen how both presentations can enhance a party or event.    Live musicians add a certain quality to an event that is missing in recorded music.   On the other hand, recorded music is essential in getting the dance floor moving as a party progresses beyond cocktails and dinner.   A few years ago, we started mixing live and DJ services to provide a blended presentation.  This offers the best of both worlds and a unique evening of entertainment which can make your event even more memorable.    Check out our testimonials page for feedback from a few of our satisfied clients:  Testimonials

Live entertainment during cocktail hour and dinner provides just the right mood and ambience for weddings and other celebrations.   Our duo, Kaylor & Tomasino,  performs easy listening favorites by popular artists on guitars, bass and harmony vocals.   After dinner, when everyone is ready to dance, the stage is switched to the DJ presentation and the dance music mix with dance floor lighting is provided.

If you're interested in this blended presentation, we'll be happy to provide a live performance demo CD for your review or just check out our on-line demo:   Demo Music (MP3).    The additional cost for the live music option is $200 over the DJ base rate of $750 for the first four hours.   The total rate for the first four hours of blended services is $950, and overtime charges are the same ($100 per hour).

If live music is not desired for this event, consider Kaylor & Tomasino for your next corporate, country club,  subdivision or private party.    Thank you!